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Top FX Traders Under 30 to Watch

If you look for a single success-formula for trading in the financial markets, you won’t find one. Think of the markets as an ocean and the trader a surfer. Surfing requires talent, balance, the right equipment, patience and mindfulness of your surroundings. Forex trading is much the same. Even the most successful traders face their fair share of losses. What separates the good traders from the great ones is their ability to use those failures to strengthen their next moves. 

Another great divider between being successful and being a rock star at forex is not to make all the mistakes yourself and then learn. Both newbies and more experienced traders follow their peers and experts to gain insights, pick up tips and tricks and familiarise themselves with the market. We can all thank social media for giving us this opportunity. Both Twitter and Instagram have a very active trader community. But whom should you follow?

We say move over George Soros and Paul Tudor Jones. Let’s look at the best FX traders, who’ve made their mark even before hitting 30.

Ref Wayne

Did you know that the successful forex trader we know today as Dr. Ref Wayne started trading at the tender age of 16? He had made his first million by the age of 19 – yes, through forex trading. Now that’s true passion for trading, right? With a smile as infectious as his gumption, @refwayne had decided what he wanted to do in life right from high school. Like many other greats, specifically Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, Ref was so transfixed with forex trading and cryptocurrency that he dropped out of school. That’s when David Schwartz came into his life and introduced him to forex trading, and he’s never looked back.


Today Ref is a best-selling author, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He became a billionaire by age 22. But he didn’t rest on his laurels. Ref is the founder of the African Forex Institute (AFI). He also went on to create Africa’s first digital currency, Pipcoin. He’s been awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Zulu and he’s giving back to the world, spreading his hard-earned knowledge through his book, The Art of Trading Refined. Ref boasts 394K followers on Instagram.

Image Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BcHparalW2E/ 

Samuel Leach

With an Instagram follower base of over 300K followers, @samuelleach joined one of UK’s leading private banks straight out of university. He founded Samuel and Co. Trading in 2012, which is today an international CPD accredited firm. He has made a name for himself as forex trader and influencer, and contributes regularly to Forbes.  He has been featured by Reuters, City AM and many other publications.


Image Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CFZcdcnHWHJ/ 

Hannah Forex

Nope, not her actual last name, that’s her handle on all platforms, @hannahforex on Instagram and YouTube. She’s “Hannah from London” and true to her Asian roots, is one of the most dedicated and conscientious forex traders we’ve come across. Let’s put it this way, she’ll take you through real-time backtesting of the EUR/YEN pair, price action style, and hand you her entire strategy. Mic drop, people. From signals to now trading a six-figure funded account, she’s putting out high quality meaningful intel that you’ll definitely want to keep track of on YouTube. No wonder she has 51.7K followers on Instagram alone.


Image Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCoOiCSAvjZ/

Awsaf Hossain

A forex millionaire but money is not the endgame for Awsaf. He credits a lion’s share of his success to tons of reading and, wait for it, transcendental meditation, of which he’s done over a thousand hours. Having read about 223 books already on financial literacy and business, he’s walking the talk. Inner peace is truly what he values, more than racking up the cash and he makes that pretty clear on his Instagram posts. @inalungi looks at it as how much can one outdo oneself, staying grounded as the lungi-loving Bangladeshi boy he is. (BTW, lungi is essentially a long, ankle length loin cloth. It is loved as home wear in Bangladesh, just like the West lounges in pajamas.) 


Awsaf has plans of becoming a billionaire at age of 25 by being a problem solver. Getting rid of at least 50% of the plastic in circulation around the world is a big one for him. Awsaf has donated multiple oxygen cylinders during these trying COVID-19 crisis, along with $110,000 to cancer foundations. Follow this entrepreneuring 20-year-old for useful tips of the trade. He already has 31.2K followers on Instagram.


Image Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CS9Ntdmh-Lq/ 



Liliana aka Lady Trader on all her socials doesn’t mess around, folks. Her real time binary options strategy video on YouTube is one of the most useful pieces of content you’ll come across on forex trading. With almost 66k subscribers on YouTube, she keeps them coming back with regular posts. You can easily receive binary options signals on her Telegram too. At just 20, she’s winning and fully transparent with her strategies to help you get there too. Catch her on Instagram at @lady__trader.


Image Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CEKedi9qv_1/ 

Shabz Fazl

Here’s one woman right after our heart, breaking the glass ceiling of a traditionally male sector. A market analyst and forex trader, @shabzfazl has more than 11K followers on Instagram. She loves mentoring and educating aspiring traders, helping them understand the market and build their skills. She is known for sharing trading strategies very generously. She is also followed for market news, which she regularly shares on Instagram. She’s also the go-to if you want a recap of last week or forecasts for the coming week.


Image Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCu_lIaAQ6M/ 


Our Two Pennies

We love social media and the ability it offers us to follow the best in the trade. Why wait to learn from your own mistakes and lose money in the process when you can learn from those of others who’ve gone before you, right? But, having said that, we also believe that doing your own analysis and research is important. Yes, learn and even copy strategies but only after checking if it is the right fit for you.

Which forex traders do you love to follow? Tweet us @360CapitalLtd and let us know.

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