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What Are Equities?

Trading the equity market can be very rewarding if approached with discipline. With the increasing popularity of CFDs, more and more traders prefer trading shares through CFDs over traditional shares, considering advantages such as leverage and the ability to buy and/or sell, also referred to as long and short.

Why trade Equities with 360 Capital?

Trading the Equity Market
Equity CFD’s enable individuals to use the power of leverage to increase their purchasing power. This means you only need to deposit a small portion of the total trade value (the margin) to gain full exposure to the markets, potentially profiting in both rising and falling markets.

If you are a trader wanting to diversify your portfolio, trading equity CFDs can enable you to capture movements in price by taking short or long positions to profit on the asset’s price going down or up, respectively. If they go long, traders could be rewarded with dividend payments or incur dividend charges if they go short.

By trading equity CFDs individuals can potentially profit from the movement of a share without owning it directly, and thus reduce risk.

Our equity CFDs allow clients to invest in large companies around the world, such as TELSA, Microsoft and many more, ensuring that trading portfolios are diversified.

Equity CFD’s are easy to understand. What is more, 360 Capital makes trading CFDs on equities even easier by offering clients access to our online Traders Academy, so you can trade shares with confidence.

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