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Copy Trader

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If you’re looking to get involved in the financial markets but don’t have the time or expertise, look no further than 360 Capital’s Copy Trading. This innovative service allows both experienced and amateur traders to participate in the markets by automatically copying the trades of seasoned traders.

We understand that mastering the intricacies of trading can be a time-consuming process. That’s why we offer Copy Trading as an efficient way to accelerate your understanding. Leave the hard work to the professionals while you sit back and relax. By trusting in the expertise of experienced traders, you can confidently navigate the markets without relying solely on your own limited knowledge. Join the many traders who have found success by embracing the power of Copy Trading with 360 Capital.

Copy Trader

How does it work?

To get started with copy trading, it is important to carefully consider all factors: risk, reward, capital requirement, success rates, and more before selecting a strategy provider to follow. Once you have selected your strategy provider(s), you will now be able to proportionally copy their activities, based on your budget or account size. Copy trading allows you to trade, exposing you to the potential for earning additional money, without consuming your time.

Getting started with Copy Trading at 360 Capital is easy. Simply open a live account on our website, register on Copy Trader using your email address, wait for your Copy Trade account to be approved, and start copy trading. Don’t let a lack of experience or time hold you back from participating in the financial markets. Join the copy trading revolution and profit from the experience of seasoned traders with 360 Capital!

Taking Profit

How can I earn money using Copy Trader?

Using Copy Trader you can either earn money by copying a strategy provider, in which case the trades you chose to copy would need to go into a profit, or earn money by becoming a strategy provider!

With Copy Trading at 360 Capital, you can become a strategy provider and allow other traders to copy your trades, earning on every lot they trade. You can also use copy trading to research and observe first-hand what other experienced traders are doing. Expand your portfolio through copy trading and simplify trading by making use of Copy Trader. Hand the trading over to someone else while keeping your finger on the pulse by selecting who you wish to copy and closing copied trades yourself where necessary. You can also share thoughts, plans, tactics, and enhance your trades together with a community of traders.

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